Parental Primacy

Parents (and legal guardians) are the primary decision-makers in the education of children. There is no government, educational, religious, or business entity that can effectively replace the role of parents in the life of a child. I will work to to retain parental rights to decide what kind of education our children receive, and represent YOU in the Alpine School District.

Local Control

For too long, the federal government has been encroaching on the states’ right of local education. As a member of the Alpine School District board, I will work to restore our education system to the grassroots principles of morality, hard work, and true preparation for future educational needs and vocations. I will resist the “shiny” incentives of more funding from the federal government, and insist on creating better standards than those proposed by Common Core.

Empower Teachers

We have the best teachers in the nation, and possibly the world, right here in Utah. Most, if not all, started teaching because they love children, they love education, and they want to make a difference in future generations. Insistence upon high-stakes testing and a top-down, one-size-fits-all curriculum have denigrated and lessened the effectiveness and the joy of teaching. I will work to opt out of invalidated, time-wasting, data-mining tests, and work to improve the standards now part of our education system, which will let teachers do what they do best: TEACH.

Fiscal Responsibility

Financial waste in government entities has almost become cliché, so much so that many citizens don’t trust the government to get anything right. I honor and respect the current and past members of the Alpine School District for running our district according to sound financial principles. That being said, is there more that can be done to efficiently use the funds entrusted to our District? I will continue to work towards and encourage fiscal responsibility in all areas of the educational process.