Why I’m Endorsing Rachel Thacker

Brian Halladay, outgoing Alpine School District Board member, district 4

“Elections are under way, and while all races are important, I feel that local races impact us the most. That’s why I ran for school board 4 years ago, and it’s why I’m endorsing Rachel Thacker as our school board member for Alpine School District this election.  Rachel is a principled leader who’s willing to make choices in the best interest of our children, families, and teachers. She believes the state of Utah has the best teachers in the nation, but we’ve decreased their effectiveness due to the top-down one size fits all curriculum of common core. She supports better, local standards for our children, and allowing our teachers to do what they do best. Teach!  Alpine School District makes great strides in being financially responsible, but Rachel believes that we can do more to efficiently use the funds entrusted to the district. I agree.  For Rachel, local control is more than a buzz word, it’s a commitment that she has to truly represent parents and help our teachers in the classroom. We need someone with principles that will represent us on the board. We need Rachel Thacker as Board Member in Alpine School District.  Please join me in voting for Rachel Thacker for Alpine School District Board Member. #vote4rachel”

Errol Porter

     Principal, Timpanogos Academy
“I have known Mrs. Thacker for many years and have always observed her to be an exceptional advocate for teachers and administrators. She is knowledgeable about curriculum, school procedures, best practices, and is always looking for ways to support school employees. I have been very appreciative of her leadership as chair of Timpanogos Academy school board. During her tenure as chair of the board, I have observed her abilities to deal with tough decisions in a fair appropriate manner that leave those concerned with a good feeling. Once elected, you will wonder how you ever got along without her. I fully endorse her for Alpine School District Board of Directors.”


Sarah Lallatin

     4th Grade Teacher
“I wholeheartedly endorse Rachel Thacker as a candidate for the Alpine School District School Board. I am a teacher at Timpanogos Academy where Mrs. Thacker is a member of our school board. She has always been a teacher advocate, ensuring we have all of the needed materials for our classrooms and the best teacher benefits possible. She has always made us feel appreciated and a priority. I’ve always been able to come to her with concerns, and she is available, fair and flexible. I love that Rachel fully supports the Constitution. Her every action supports those beliefs. I stand behind her 100% and know that Alpine School District will benefit tremendously by having her on the board.”


Sheron Drake

     Former CAO, Timpanogos Academy, currently Substitute Teacher
“I have worked with Rachel on a charter school board for the past several years. I have always been so impressed with her dedication, drive and expertise in everything she sets out to do. Her knowledge of curriculum, policies and procedures have been a huge asset to every school she has worked with. Both in the charter schools as well as schools in the Alpine School District. I have also been impressed with her interactions with all aspects of education. It is a passion of hers that is very apparent to all who know her. Rachel is a tremendous advocate for teachers and spends countless hours volunteering her time to assist them in every aspect she can. She has even taught preschool for the past several years and many of her former students still think the world of her. Rachel is professional, extremely hard working and dedicated. I support her 100% in her determination to run for the Alpine School Board!”


Scott Bramhall

     Commercial Relationship Manager, Zions First National Bank
“I have served with Rachel on the Timpanogos Academy School Board for the past several years in my capacity as CFO. Rachel is hard-working, dedicated, meticulous, and action-oriented. She cares deeply about educating children in ways that bring out their best. As Board Chairwoman, she is both professional in her conduct, and inclusive in her decision-making process. Rachel will bring her many years of experience to bear when solving problems. She will never act out of self-interest, rather, her primary concern has been and will continue to be about helping children learn to love learning.”


Sharon Wardle

     6th Grade Teacher
“It is a pleasure and a privilege for me to endorse Rachel Thacker as a candidate for Alpine School District School Board. I have known her for a number of years, both as a parent of one of my students and as a member and chair of the school at which I teach, namely Timpanogos Academy, Lindon. She has always been passionately interested in education, making sure the curriculum we use is the best for the students we serve. Not only that, she is totally invested in making sure that the teachers at Timpanogos Academy are supported in every way. She works hard at seeing that teachers are always properly equipped, both physically and mentally, so that we can be the best teachers we can be. She is an excellent administrator, fair and flexible and always makes time for teachers’ and students’ concerns. Whatever position she fills in the School District will be of benefit to the Board, as well as teachers and students in the district. You will never regret making her a part of your team.”


Angela Smith

     Timpanogos Academy Board Member
“Rachel has served many years as our school’s CAO of the board of directors. This is a volunteer position but Rachel spends vast amounts of time at the school staying apprised. She takes a great interest in ensuring that the students’ needs are put first. Rachel also keeps abreast of the changes and events within Alpine School District and the Utah State Board of Education. I strongly support Rachel Thacker for Alpine School District Board.”


Christy Belt

     Parent and Teacher
“I fully endorse Rachel Thacker for Alpine School Board. I have worked with Rachel Thacker for the past few years as she has served on the board (and as board chair) of Timpanogos Academy. I have been impressed with Rachel as she juggles the needs of the school, the students, and the faculty. I appreciate Mrs. Thacker’s fiscal conservatism. She is always looking to make sure that the needs are met, and wants to be sure to have enough saved for emergency needs. Rachel always has the teachers’ interests at the top of her mind. It is important to her to pay teachers well and support them in their efforts to teach the students. As a teacher, I applaud Rachel’s support of proven curriculum; she doesn’t believe that our kids should be the nation’s guinea pigs. Rachel understands the laws, the curriculum, and best practices and is therefore in a unique situation to make rational decisions that improve the educational environment. Rachel is supportive of parents’ right participate in their child’s education. She knows that parents know their children best and supports the parent’s right to participate in their education. I have enjoyed working for Rachel and her open door policy. I know Rachel will carry these qualities to the Alpine School Board and will be a leader that parents and educators are proud to have in their corner. I intend to vote Rachel Thacker for Alpine School Board and encourage you to do the same!”


JoDee S. Mickelsen

     6th Grade Teacher, Timpanogos Academy
“I have been acquainted with Rachel Thacker on a professional level for the last several years. I first became acquainted with Rachel by being her son’s teacher. She was extremely supportive to me as a teacher, and I really appreciated her help in my classroom. Later, my relationship with Rachel has been associated with her service as a board member on our school board. Rachel is an exceptional person, and she is very conscientious and aware of the needs of our school. Shortly after she was elected to be a member of our school board, she noticed that our school was lacking an organized, efficient evacuation and crisis plan. Rachel took on the task to organize and present the crisis plan with determination and desire to do her best. She not only helped organize it but helped train teachers on how to implement it. In addition, she is very empathetic to the needs of those around her and concerned about teachers and students alike. Rachel is always kind and friendly to all the staff and the students as well. She works hard to be involved in supporting most all activities and events at our school. Her character exemplifies all the qualities that are expected from any professional. I have appreciated her support and active role that she has played in our school over the years to make it a better place to work and a better learning environment for students. Any school board would benefit from Rachel’s work ethic, character and concern to benefit the educational growth of students. I would highly recommend her for any position.”


Todd Stevenson

“I have worked with Rachel Thacker now for more than 3 years as a colleague on the Timpanogos Academy Charter School Board of Directors. As a member of the board, Rachel demonstrated a high level of engagement in both the operational and academic aspects of the school, rarely missing a meeting and actively participating in all discussions and decisions. Over the past two years she has worked as the Chief Academic Officer for the school. In this position, I witnessed Rachel rise to the challenge and exhibit first rate leadership skills in guiding board meetings, and decisions crucial to the efficient operation of Timp Academy. Rachel has a great grasp of issues related to the school such as finances, curriculum, staffing, students, parent relations, and extracurricular activities. She spends many hours working closely behind the scenes with fellow board members and our Principal, Mr. Errol Porter, to ensure the success of the school. If elected to the Alpine School District Board, Rachel will demonstrate that same level of engagement at the district as she has at Timpanogos Academy.”


Beth McIver

     6th Grade Teacher, Timpanogos Academy
“My name is Beth McIver and I teach sixth grade at Timpanogos Academy. I have had the privilege of working with Rachel Thacker for the past nine years. I had the opportunity to teach all three of her boys in sixth grade and got to know her as a parent. She is a concerned parent who takes her children’s education personally. She not only does this for her own children, but for children at Timpanogos Academy as a member of the board. I appreciate her willingness to serve our school and the community. As a member of the board she not only looks out for the well-being of the students and the school, but she has the interests of the teachers and staff in mind as well. Rachel is approachable, easy to relate to, and well-informed. As an educator and a parent who plays an active role in my own children’s education, I appreciate Rachel’s passion for education. She is an advocate for students, parents, and educators alike.”

Patti Bateman

Retired School Teacher
“As a former teacher, and one who is no longer dependent on a pay check, I can attest to the fact that Common Core is definitely a hindrance to teachers. It limited my ability to make choices in the best interests of my students. The curriculum that I was REQUIRED to teach was developmentally inappropriate for my students and caused anxiety for them. I was strongly cautioned not to adjust my teaching to “improve” the learning experience in the classroom. It robbed me of time I used to spend making school an enjoyable experience for my kiddos. Teachers and administrators are under incredible pressure to support Common Core! It’s only after you retire that you are free to be forthright about Common Core. Rachel will be an incredible School Board member and a valuable voice of reason to balance the board out.”